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Behind the song

We've all heard about the ones that got away, but what about the ones we held onto for too long? 

SNOW is the bittersweet sigh of relief when you let it go, and the flood of catharsis in its wake.  

The song explores themes of motion and stillness - who passes who by when you part for good? Framed in a single subway ride through Brooklyn, arpeggiated synths, swirling saxes, and heartfelt vocals punctuated by charged pauses push this song forward. As always with ALMA, sound design plays a distinct role in bookending the story. Snowy footsteps set the stage and our favorite G Train conductor's voice is our closer. Fun fact: we had even sampled the clatter of the train cars in the Myrtle-Willoughby station and transformed it into a beat. But ultimately by stripping it away we discovered something more raw by leaning into the silence and the lingering echoes

SNOW was recorded and produced almost entirely remotely from the home studios of the ALMA ladies and Elliot Moss.  

Producers: ALMA, Elliot Moss 

Audio Engineers: ALMA   

Mixing Engineer: Elliot Moss  

Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound  

Vocals: Alba S. Torremocha, Lillie R. McDonough, and Melissa Kaitlyn Carter  

Strings: Alba S. Torremocha  

Sax: Elliot Moss 

Keys:  Evan Johnston

Special thanks to Angela Piva for teaching us how to record in the studio and at home, to Daniel Martin-McCormick for lending us his hardware synths, and to Everett Petticord for inspiring our beats.

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