The beauty their music has automatically is something that I strive constantly to achieve. And I've been lucky to learn some of the secrets of this effortlessness from them. You should listen to ALMA. Some great things are coming from them. I'm lucky to be involved and I wanted to share” - Elliot Moss


ALMA - nyc based trio


NYC based trio bringing a quirky, cinematic, DIY approach to pop.

Their music is immersive, chock full of vocal harmony and homegrown production, and cut with a dash of sass and a side of groove.

Though the pandemic hit in the middle of writing and recording their debut album, Alma leaned into the creative constraints of studio shutdowns and went rogue with production at home that has become part of their signature sound. Armed with a mobile microphone and a DIY sensibility, they use airplanes as cymbals, parental phone chats as texture, slices of last year's Fourth of July Party, and even samples of a roomie splashing in the tub to produce their music out of the recording studio with the sounds of the world they inhabit. Then, they bathe it all in ethereal harmonies and old-fangled synthesizers.

Their debut LP Mosaic is a personal letter to NYC. Each song delivers the story of a moment in time in the city they call home. Mosaic invites you to sit beside them on the subway, walk with them through Astoria park, and ride the Wonder Wheel at night as you feel into what it means to be a New Yorker.

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