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Behind the song

What do you do with unsolvable human experiences that you can only move through slowly?  

Write a song.  

Pin in the Map was written in a post breakup haze after a trip to have dinner and watch the superbowl with a longtime friend and college ex-boyfriend. The writing process started that night on the subway home, not able to shake that feeling that time had worked its magic and somebody you were once so close to was now so distant. Yet, at the same time, there was an unshakable hope that this was one of those special relationships that could exist beyond norms and stand the test of time.  

It took about three and a half years from that moment to see it all the way through to the end of production. We’ve had many amazing collaborators along the way from Elliot Moss who brought the song to life in its final stages, to Noah Kellman who created the iconic etheral reversed vocals and designed our synth world, to Alex Rodriguez and Steve Xia who produced with us in the beginning stages of this songs life. We also came into our own as producers on this one.

With a song like this that’s about one instant, about missing the past and longing for the future, and about shaping relationships -- we hope you relate. And we hope you bop along.  

Producers: ALMA, Elliot Moss, Noah Kellman, Steve Xia, Alex Rodriguez  

Audio Engineers: Steve Xia, ALMA  

Mixing Engineer: Elliot Moss 

Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound 

Vocals: Alba S. Torremocha, Lillie R. McDonough, and Melissa Kaitlyn Carter 

Strings: Alba S. Torremocha 

Guitar: Horace Bray 

Keys: Noah Kellman

Pin in the map seaside sessions

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