CAn'T SwiM?

Behind the sonG

Have you ever moved to a new city, started a new job, or even found yourself at a loud party full of people you don't know? 

CAN'T SWIM? deals with that exact feeling. Landing in NYC for the first time, having to figure everything out on your own, not knowing what you actually signed up for until you're way too deep in to "swim out." 

As an international immigrant, this task becomes even more herculean when you add the language and cultural barriers, knowing that you are thousands of miles away from friends and family. While experiences like these are rites of passage that make us come out feeling stronger, being in them can sometimes feel like you're trying to stay afloat in the middle of a seastorm

CAN'T SWIM? was recorded and produced almost entirely remotely from the home studios of the ALMA ladies, Noah Kellman and Elliot Moss.


Producers: ALMA, Noah Kellman 

Audio Engineers: ALMA, Noah Kellman

Mixing Engineer: Elliot Moss 

Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound 

Vocals: Alba S. Torremocha, Lillie R. McDonough, and Melissa Kaitlyn Carter 

Strings: Alba S. Torremocha 

Horns (trumpet & trombone): Nick Frenay

Keys & synths:  Noah Kellman

Drums: Corey Fonville, Jimmy Navarra, Elliot Moss.

Press Photos

Album art by Cat Willett

Album art by Cat Willett